What smells so delicious in the kitchen? It’s granola cereal baking especially for young children in the South of Sudan. Well, not exactly. I can’t ship it there but the money raised from selling “Cereal of Hope” goes directly to building a school for children in the war torn area of Ariang Sudan.

Tonight is one of many breaks from the studio to raise awareness for the people of Sudan. I work with my friend Gabriel Bol Deng who is in Sudan now meeting with contractors to build the school for 400 children who have no nutritional food, clean water, or education.

Read my friend Jen Marlowe’s article if you want to learn more about the conditions in Gabriel’s village and South Sudan.

It’s so delicious it’s  raised over $2,000 for the school. Want a bag? Just comment here. It’s $15 a bag plus $5 to ship anywhere in the US and you will directly help hundreds of children.