This was a great day! I got to make homemade play dough with my adorable Godson, Gabe.

Here he is mixing up the luscious blue concoction made up of:

1/2 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

1/2 cup water with food coloring added

1 tsp.  cream of tartar

1/2 tbsp. oil

heat slowly on stove mixing constantly until thick like play dough.

I also mastered uploading a video to utube  and a very important one!

I started a challenge on my facebook wall to get everyone and their friends to post my video and send  $1 to help raise money for the Ariang School in South Sudan. My ongoing project with the “Lost Boy” Gabriel Bol Deng. A true inspiration for my family and thousands of others. I hope you will accept the challenge.

In fact, little Gabriel’s mom ( pictured above on left with Gabriel Bol Deng and me) was the very first person to give $1. Thanks Rena Paris!!! I know the two Gabe’s are very confusing. So to clarify…. there’s little Gabe (play dough) and big Gabe (building schools in Sudan). So easy to get confused!!!!

More on embossing tomorrow!