I love working with PMC, prescious metal clay. You mold your design with a clay like product that, when fired at high heat, turns into precious metal 999 silver. I developed the HOPE necklace as a fundraising piece for Hope For Ariang. Each PMC  charm with a tourquoise stone  on sterling chain sells for $75.

The necklace is the shape of Africa with the country Sudan etched in the metal with a small pin dot representing Ariang village where HOPE is building a school.

The necklace became so popular I decided to have it created by a manufacturer in Silver plate. Now it can be purchased for only $20 . Jen Marlowe, the filmmaker of Rebuilding Hope,  liked it so much she put it on her film’s website. So check it out.

Remember Heather from the “Flower Power” post? This is her  mother-in-law.  I know… she looks like her sister.  Well, she is my friend Donna and she is the true supporter of HOPE, Here she is wearing the necklace but she also buys Cereal of Hope regularly, and comes to every film and fundraising event.  Thank you Donna!