We are off on our adventure in Dakar, Senegal. After a few hours on the Tarmac in New York we made a speedy 6 1/2 hour flight overseas to Senegal. We never saw so much baggage in our lives. Not from us of course but from the Senegalese traveing back from NYC. What was in those bags?

We were enthusiastically greeted by our guide Karim, who took us to our hotel to catch some much needed sleep. Our hotel is ocean front but 90% under construction. After a brief disappointment of seeing the workers carrying buckets of gravel past our window all day, we came to the realization that this wasn’t going to be a “typical” beachfront  vacation and we went with it. We made our way to the beach and soaked up the magnificent climate. Full sunshine with a cool breeze.

The beach  experience consisted of some first day mistakes like ordering a fresh cooked fish meal that was so spicy we couldn’t eat it  and paying too much for a few bracelets. But I was pretty happy with my $1 puchase of sesame candy that I consumed while reading my book. An African Football game broke out in front of us in the afternoon.  Even the 2 year olds here can kick a soccer ball like a champion. Note one of the  players in this picture.

Then it was off to tour Dakar. Caught a glimpse of the new African Renaissance Monument still in construction. So massive people will  have to spend the day to climb it.

Everything from donkeys and sheep, to vans packed with people and new jaguars crossed the street before us. The noise, confusion and constant traders approaching made it too difficult to pull out the camera in the market. So I will  just consider this as a “getting our bearings day”.

Thanks to Karim we did not pay too much for our Babaa Mal cd’s. Gotta catch some sleep and shake the jetlag for Goree Island tomorrow.