N’Gor Island has earned it’s nickname, “Island of Paradise” A 10 minute boat ride from the mainland, the small island boasts crashing waves and tropical sunshine,

local artists at work, thatched cabanas, and delectable food.

Before the arrival of French Settlers, N’Gor island was uninhabited. Only a few goats bred by Lebous fisherman used to dawdle on this “prohibited” territory, thought to be possessed by a bad spirit. Although few Americans visit this “treasured” Island, europeans come from all over to to vacation here.

local artist, Amedine Drop’s moving painting depicts the two sides of Africa, the contrast of peace and beauty and the sadness of war. The tear drops from Sudan and the darkness represents conflicts in Congo and surrounding areas. Of course we purchased this painting with little haggling. Happy to support the local artists.

This is a favorite destination for surfers as the waves crash relentlessly against the island shore. But even with the strong sound of the ocean  we were soothed by the sound of Senegalese drumming coming from somewhere amongst the  rocks and trees.

Walking back to the hotel locals sell everything from sesame candy to peanuts. we had a sumptuous orange peeled for us like a n art. It’s sweet juice will quench any thirst.

We have to thank Karim once again for a fabulous day. He is off to plan our night out with local, live music.  Unfortunately the shows get

started at about 1 AM. The night life never ends
in Dakar.