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Everyone from the mailman to the high school kids have said “I love your house”, So I thought I would start a small series on home decorating. Starting in the kitchen, I will share some of the cool tricks that have made this room unique. Not only are these design elements different, but usually they can be picked  up from a tag sale for under $25, painted and introduced  as something new.  You just have to be willing to eyeball every junk pile at the side of the road and stop into every tag sale and estate sale you can.

So here goes…..Old Gate handles used for Refrigerator door handles. $25 for the pair.

Old baby grand piano legs were made longer by a woodworker then painted with an antique copper finish. each leg at tag sale $25.

And an architectural rosette from a tag sale is added onto the hood for ornamentation. $5


My personal favorite for decorating is antique area rugs. They are like artwork on the floor.

Here’s a big tip though….

Don’t ever buy 2 of the same rug in different sizes just because you love the rug.  This just screams “This rug is machine made”!

If you love a machine made rug, buy it… but only once.

This rug happens to be special because I chose it on a trip to Morocco and shipped it home. Decorative items with meaning and beauty are the best kind!  Ok…. the rug was incredibly  inexpensive for hand made- wool at  $250 but I did have to fly to Marrakesh to get it! It was worth it!

Here are some photos of the finished room.

I am a lover of pattern and texture so you will never find space in the house that doesn’t have one of the two.

Wall surfaces tend to be the last thing people care about after counters, appliances and floors but they make the biggest statement of all.  They are  usually  the largest surface area in the room. A Tavern look is created here with textured red venetian plaster and tones of copper and Gold  with an embossed stencil design to frame the french doors.