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It’s pretty easy to blog about Stephanie Davis. Afterall, she is my daughter. But watching her paint is truly inspiring to me. She changes from a teenager of 17 to a young woman full of ¬†experiences and passions that come to life in her work. Her paintings enable the viewer to escape into an ethereal world; magical and mystical.

Her creations inlcude memories, experiences, life lessons and clandestine objects all deep within the complicated twists and turns of color.

Her paintings relieve stress but her palette is so passionate it also explodes with life.

Today Stephanie is having an especially fun time experimenting with Golden’s mediums; Soft, Light Molding Paste, Coarse Pumice Gel and Clear Tar Gel.

Each medium creating a different sheen and viscosity.

Once inspired, Stephanie works the textures and colors in layers. When I tell her I am loving her work she will reply, “mom, it’s nowhere near done”. Her patience and love for her work is like a seasoned, lifelong artist.

What was once an abstract swirl, later becomes a roaring fire, tree, or hillside from a foreign country she once visited.


You might find a figure holding a yoga pose or a small critter or musical instrument wrapped within the texture.

Photos of Nicaraguan children, classmates or decoupaged, decorated paper hides within as well.

Steph loves Golden’s Open Acrylics which allow her to keep the colors wet and work with them, blending until she is happy with the form.

Amazingly these painting are simply a way for her to express and take a study break. I think we have yet to see where this artist will go with her vibrant and dreamy creations.