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Don’t throw away your old buttons, especially those shiny and translucent ones.  Although this finish is not quick or inexpensive, it is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS for a small backsplash or panel area. Start by creating a dragged texture on the surface using plaster and dragging it both horizontally and vertically with a wallpaper brush. Once dry, trowel plaster through Wallovers Ethnic Grid stencil. While the plaster is still wet adhere small shells to create the pattern. Shells can be ordered from US Shell Company on line.

Once the shells are thoroughly dried into the plaster, adhere flat, antique, mother of pearl buttons using a craft adhesive. Alternate the pearl color with the silver inside open areas. You can purchase just about any antique embellishments from Sandy Schor bead company.

Continue to fill in the empty spaces or use  just one color leaving  the plaster background as a contrast. Here I am filling in all the space.

Once the buttons are fully applied and dry, use a tile grout to fill in the gaps.

Grout the entire surface, let set and then wipe away the excess to reveal the sheen of the buttons.

I am definitely getting ready to do a bathroom backsplash in this one!!!!!!!! But remember when applying those buttons and shells……..Patience is a virtue!