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Wallovers is the orginator of “the topper”. So what’s a topper, you ask? If you have ever attemped to paint and “allover” design on a full wall you will be familiar with the dreaded end of the job task; ┬ácompleting the space that is left at the top of the wall. (You can see this illustrated┬álater in the blog video). Well we were sick and tired of cutting our stencil and trying to match up the design or getting our hair cuaght in masking tape while trying to lift the stencil over our heads to finish off the top of the wall.

 the Topper

So we invented the “Topper”. The Topper is a precut, open ended stencil that fills in the gap that is left near the ceiling after completing an allover design. Simply peel off the adhesive backing, place the stencil flush to the ceiling, and stencil away! Each design that wallovers sells has its own Topper and you’ll only need one for the entire room.

Other companies now offer a top piece and some even include them in every alover stencil for free. We do not do this because you only need one topper for several field stencils and often can use the topper again and again on several jobs. So for $14 you have the one topper you need instead of us giving you one that you don’t need with each purchase, causing us to drive up the price of our stencils. ┬áSo if you are doing a sampleboard or a furniture top, you really do not need the topper. Take a look at this video and hope it helps.

If you have any questions, your Wallovers girls are always here for you at! Happy Stenciling!