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Wanted to show you a great solution for old tired and dated tile. A great way to save money and the environment. No need to drive around looking for new tile , spending money on new materials. Here’s a project we did to turn a ceramic tile into    the look of  authentic, copper. change the look of this kitchen backsplash.



we started by applying Prime etch, a liquid product that seals any surface so that it will be a paintable.



Let Prime etch dry over night and then basecoat the surface using a tinted freshstart primer. This will seal the surface further and prepare to hold a metallic paint. Make sure to paint all of the grout as well.


Then use modern masters copper penny and antuqe copper. apply them both wet and blend together.  Use a stippling brush to hide any brush marks. Let dry and repeat so there is no trace of the light colored tile base.



Once dry use a small cotton rag and the tip og your finger to apply   rub and buff antique copper  to the raised fruit ornament . Apply the darkening rub N’ Buff on all 4 corners of each and every tile.  This creates an aged look and also a contrast between the tiles and the grout color.



Once dry, coat the entire surface with 2 coats of c500. I like to mix the dead flat with the satin for the perfect protective finish that is not too shiny or flat.,Amazingly bautiful. authentic and quick.

And don’t forget to do the light switch covers and outlets!