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Ok. I am dying to get back on to some important topics like writing to our senators  and manufacturers about the conflict minerals used in our phones and computers…but I am getting too many requests to continue with the decorating  posts so for now.. I am going to talk about the all important PILLOW! ( I’ll be blogging about conflict minerals soon so please say posted)

Now I know pillows may seem like a silly thing to blog about. But have you ever seen a house with no decorative pillows? Boooorrrring!!  To me a pillow is like artwork. Similar to a hand made rug, it offers the ooportunity to introduce color, pattern and texture into any room. Without the pillows, the room just isn’t complete.

These pillows are made from remnants of hand made Sarouk carpets.

One of a kinds. My favorite!

A piece of embroidered fabric I picked up in Marrakesh made it’s way into a pillow. Finding interesting fabric pieces, needlepoints, and tapestries and custom making the pillow makes it most unique.

Like this antique tapestry, gone pillow, found at a flea market.

Just buy the fabric and take it to your local fabric store, pick out a simple backing and some cording and tassles and hand it over to a friend who sews!

Another Vintage needlepoint

And let’s not forget the old “TJ MAXX special” My favorite Place for finding a great pillow. But let’s not get carried away….Only one or two of them please. A whole couch full of TJMAXX will definitely scream TJMAXX!!!!!!!

Lastly, Let’s not forget to spice of the Teen room with some crazy patterns on the bed. Yes, they will be on the floor most of the time but when it’s together it looks awesome!

Try Anthropology and Home Goods for these.

Was it the movie, “along came Polly” that had the scene where Ben Stiller is ripping up all the decorative pillows after the break up? I love that one because it reminds me of what my husband would like to do but over the years and after hearing all the compliments about our home, the pillows have faded into his subconscious!

Happy pillow hunting!