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Welcome to the blog series for our decorative painters and do-it-yourself friends who want to learn more about stenciling gorgeous “allover” designs. Allover designs are an awesome alternative to wallpaper. This beautiful bathroom was created using Wallovers Ethnic Grid with Mod insert by decorative artist, Joyce Arbonne.


They can be customized in any color imaginable and save you or your customers looking through endless wallpaper books.


The finished result is spectacular and …. no one can find any seams. Years later, if tastes change, the walls can be easily updated with another paint application without messy wallpaper removal.

So here we go. Blog number one is about applying spray adhesive to the back of your stencil. When starting to apply a stencil on your walls the most important item in our bag of supplies, (after the awesome “Allover” brush) is spray adhesive. We happen to love the least expensive and most accessible (you can get it in any local craft store), Elmer’s Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive.


We’ve created a video here to help you understand the best way to apply it. So watch and get going on your exciting project. Stay tuned for more helpful videos from your Wallovers girls!